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Many people have asked us how we came up with the idea for myWallaby. While it took over a year and a half of development and ten prototypes to get to the final design, the first spark was lit on a cold February evening in 2008 while visiting with our friend Celine. Celine was showing us some pictures from her childhood and one object appeared in several shots - a light blue messenger bag. When asked about it, Celine said it was her favorite possession when she was a child.

On several occasions since our visit with Celine, we noticed girls walking around the city carrying their dolls by either dangling them under their arms or stuffing them into the crude opening of their backpacks. We started to think we were on to something. Things started to germinate and a month later, while packing for a long overdue vacation, we started talking about possible names for our product and company. Since we have always been fond of wallabies and our purse would be built specifically to carry dolls facing forward, we thought it would be a perfect name to build a company around.


The next day we played with a few variations and settled on the name for our company -- myWallaby. A quick search on the Internet showed us that our name was unclaimed. We quickly purchased the rights to the domain name, finalized our packing and settled down for the evening. Or so we thought. It just so happened that to our surprise, we learned that same evening that we were pregnant!

myWallaby bags

Given the ever-expanding shape of my belly during the months that myWallaby started to take shape, we can't help but think that my growing belly was at least in part some inspiration for the myWallaby pouch.

We hope you enjoy using this bag as much as we enjoyed making it.

Myriam & Eric, Co-Founders, myWallaby Limited

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