myWallaby Announces Development of a New Purse Aimed at Carrying Stuffed Toy Bears

August 20, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Dolls shouldn’t have all the fun, right?

We are happy to announce that we have begun working on a new bag that is based on the myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier / Purse. The new bag will be built specifically to carry stuffed toy bears. While we tested placing stuffed bears in the Agile bag during its development (we think they fit splendidly), we decided to focus our energies on marketing the Agile Bag’s main purpose, which is being the best doll carrier on the market. That being said, we were still planing on taking a few pictures during our Summer photo shoot of the Agile Bag carrying a stuffed bear in order to demonstrate its versatility, but we ran out of time and never got around to doing it. Well, to be honest, we totally forgot to take the bear out of our bag until after the models and the photographer had left the location.

The new bag will be christened the myWallaby Allied Rock Bear Carrier, in honor of the Allied Rock Wallaby. The Allied Rock Wallaby is found in Northeastern Queensland, Australia and also on Magnetic and Palm Islands. Keep an eye out for more information on the myWallaby Allied Rock Bag, which we hope to have available for sale during the 2009 holiday season.

If you interested in purchasing an Allied Rock Bag, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to let you know when the bag becomes available.


Myriam and Eric