NYC Photo Shoot: Part 2

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Note: This is the second of two entries on the myWallaby 2009 Launch Photo Shoot (see Part 1), which took place in Central Park and the Upper East Side of Manhattan in late May.  We’ve been meaning to post this entry for a while, but it seems we always got caught up in other things. However, we feel that it tells an important part of the myWallaby story, so we think it is better late than never.

Part 2: The Shoot

We knew from the beginning that we had to make the most of our photo shoot, not only because of the cost, but also because the pictures would serve as the face of our company and product. As such, we decided that we didn’t want to skimp on the photography. We ended up hiring a true New York City photographer — Stavros Panopoulos. If you’re looking for someone who has real artistic talent and is as comfortable on the streets as he is in the studio, Stavros is the right guy for you.

IMG_1255-1The day of the photo shoot turned out to be just perfect. Even though the local forecast predicted rain, the skies miraculously cleared up and the temperature was ideal (as we learned) — not too cold to make people uncomfortable, but also not too hot or muggy to affect the models’ hair.

While we had some ideas going into the shoot of the kinds of scenes we wanted to capture, we learned the importance of just going with the flow and recognizing opportunities as they presented themselves. For example, the picture of the girls sitting on the steps of a brownstone on the “my” Wallaby page was totally unplanned. What started out as an impromptu respite for the girls as they waited for lunch to arrive, ended up being a great photo opportunity, thanks to Stavros’ eye.

Another nice thing about the photo shoot was the reaction of passersby. We heard a lot of comments about how nice the bags looked and how we had to get them in this or that store. It was just the boost Myriam and I needed as we stared to enter the final stage of development. It made us feel like we had something that would be successful, especially since the feedback wasn’t given by family or friends, but rather by impartial strangers.

The day after the photo shoot we met at Stavros’ studio in the fashion district and shot for almost six hours. We were amazed at the attention to detail that was necessary to get every shot just right. Check out a few more of the behind the scene shots below. We hope it will give you a glimpse into the atmosphere surrounding what was a fun and important moment for myWallaby.

Special thanks goes out to all our friends for their help in making our first photo shoot a huge success. And especially to our models, who epitomized just the kind of girls we envisioned using our product!

Press Release: MyWallaby Limited Launches Website and Introduces the Agile Bag

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We issued our first press release today on PRWEB –

myWallaby Limited Launches Website and Introduces the Agile Bag, an Innovative Girl’s Purse that Expands into a Doll Carrier

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 20, 2009 — myWallaby Limited has launched its website and is now selling the myWallaby Agile Bag, the first bag for girls ages 3 to 9 that serves both as a purse and doll carrier.

myWallaby Limited bags are made in the USA from the finest materials. Each purse contains over 50 individual pieces of fabric and accessories. myWallaby spent over a year and a half designing and developing the Agile Bag, the first girl’s bag designed specifically to serve both as a purse and doll carrier. Its patent pending design enables it to be converted from a purse to doll carrier in just a matter of seconds. Once in carrier mode, it can accommodate a variety of dolls, ranging in size from 12 to 18 inches.

myWallaby will start shipping the Agile Bag during August 2009. The myWallaby Agile is sold exclusively at for $49 and comes in five color combinations: Cotton Candy, Isle of Capri, Sunrise Surprise, Pine Cone and Blue Topaz.

If customers purchase a bag prior to August 15th, myWallaby will provide free shipping and handling to all US locations (a $7 value). Customers outside of the US will be eligible for a $7 credit towards total shipping cost. Customers are encouraged to act fast as supplies will be limited during the 2009 production year.

“We are excited to finally debut the myWallaby Agile Bag. My wife and I have worked hard to make sure the bag is designed with the features and quality that today’s girls demand,” says Eric Hildenbrand, the company’s co-owner.

“After seeing so many girls around NYC with their dolls tucked under their arms, stuffed into backpacks or even into shopping bags, we knew we could create a product that would help girls transport and display their dolls in style,” added Myriam Hildenbrand, the company’s other co-owner.

Mr. Hildenbrand went on to state: “What really sets the myWallaby Agile Bag apart from others is that it is designed to carry a doll facing forward in an expandable pocket that resembles a real Wallaby pouch.”

About myWallaby Limited
Established in 2008, myWallaby Limited was founded by Eric and Myriam Hildenbrand, a husband and wife team whose vision is to design and market bags and accessories for girls.

CONTACT: Eric or Myriam Hildenbrand, of myWallaby Limited, +1-212-214-0347.

Web Site:

NYC Photo shoot – Part 1

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We recently held a photo shoot on the streets of Manhattan to capture some pictures of the Agile Bag for use on our website and future marketing materials. It was exciting, not only because it was the first photo shoot my wife and I have been involved with, but also because it was the first time our bag would be seen in public. This entry will be the first of two that will document how it all came together.

Part 1: Preparation

The first thing we had to determine was where the photo shoot would take place. There were really a lot of different possibilities given that we live in NYC. While we were developing the bag, we had envisioned an advertisement of a group of girls dressed up for a tea party, complete with accompanying myWallaby bags and dolls. This would not only show the bags on the girls, but it would also let us show the bag on the ground in the sitting position too. In addition, we thought it would also be nice to show other “about town” type shots, including girls out shopping, walking around town, at a playground, that sort of thing. Based on what we wanted for a backdrop, we decided on shooting in Central Park and the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

P1010105From the very beginning, we thought it would be great to get our friend’s daughters involved as “professional” models. While we may be a little biased, we felt that we were lucky in that our friend’s daughters were naturally beautiful and represented just the kind of girls we were looking for. So, we approached four of our friends and they were more than happy to help us out with the shoot.

The moms got into from the very first moment we mentioned the idea. Since we didn’t have the funds for wardrobe considerations, each mom helped out by emailing each other and us various outfit ideas. The moms even had their daughter’s strike poses with the outfits based on what we had described to them. The girls really enjoyed this as well and seemed to have a blast playing the role of models-for-a-day (see pictures to left and right of our models hamming it up for the camera). One mom even had her daughter in staged shots pouring tea and talking to imaginary friends. It was a real delight opening up emails and seeing what they were coming up with.

Besides capturing the images we needed for our website, we really wanted to make the photo shoot an event that the girls would never forget since they were helping us get our company started. We hired a professional photographer and a hair salon on the Upper East Side (see pictures below of the models getting the royal treatment at the hair salon). I think this helped get the girls in the right frame of mind for the shoot in that it really provided the royal treatment.

A New Beginning…

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To blog or not to blog – that was the question we found ourselves asking in early June 2009. It seems like we had spent so long operating in semi-secrecy as we refined the design of the myWallaby Agile Bag, the first girl’s bag designed specifically to serve both as a purse and doll carrier. What we thought would take three to six months, ended up taking well over a year to develop. After so many prototypes, redesigns and just plain hard work, we finally ended up with the product we first envisioned.

And so here we find ourselves at the beginning of the next stage in our company’s development cycle, getting ready to show the world what we have been working on. But this excitement also comes with a bit of apprehension. This is a whole new world for both of us. While we have always had our little creative pet projects, this is the first time we have created a product from scratch. We also have atypical job backgrounds for starting a children’s apparel/accessory company, having worked in banking and immigration law, two jobs very far removed from the fashion world we now find ourselves immersed in.

It was our web designer, Timi Carl, who first suggested that we start a blog for our company. While we trusted her judgment, we were a little skeptical about the whole concept. Make no mistake, we have always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs. We just, quite frankly, didn’t know if we could devote the time necessary to keep our own blog interesting. But Timi assured us that this was not the main point of having a blog. In our case, besides sharing the myWallaby story, it would also help us get to know others in our newfound industry and to enable all to share in the creative process.

It is with this goal that we now embark on our own blog – the myWallaby Bloggy. We hope you will find our posts informative and entertaining, that you will learn more about our product and vision, and that you will help us connect and collaborate with others along our journey.