“Your Little Girl Will Never Lose Her Doll Again” ~ Tinseltown Tots & Designer Kids

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Tinseltown Tots

We just received another nice review that we would like to share. This time it was from a site called Tinseltown Tots & Designer Kids, which is hosted on thecutekid.com. The article is entitled “Your Little Girl Will Never Lose Her Doll Again,” and discusses some of the reasons behind naming our product after a Wallaby and how we plan on naming future products after the various Wallaby sub-species. Ever wonder how we came up with Agile? Mary Fetzer, the editor, is known in the industry for her fashion sense so we are happy she likes the Agile Bag. Kudos to Mary for pointing out how important it is to have the doll face forward, just like a real Wallaby and its young. Thanks for the nice review Mary!


Myriam & Eric

Photo © Tinseltown Tots & Designer Kids