A New Beginning…

June 13, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

To blog or not to blog – that was the question we found ourselves asking in early June 2009. It seems like we had spent so long operating in semi-secrecy as we refined the design of the myWallaby Agile Bag, the first girl’s bag designed specifically to serve both as a purse and doll carrier. What we thought would take three to six months, ended up taking well over a year to develop. After so many prototypes, redesigns and just plain hard work, we finally ended up with the product we first envisioned.

And so here we find ourselves at the beginning of the next stage in our company’s development cycle, getting ready to show the world what we have been working on. But this excitement also comes with a bit of apprehension. This is a whole new world for both of us. While we have always had our little creative pet projects, this is the first time we have created a product from scratch. We also have atypical job backgrounds for starting a children’s apparel/accessory company, having worked in banking and immigration law, two jobs very far removed from the fashion world we now find ourselves immersed in.

It was our web designer, Timi Carl, who first suggested that we start a blog for our company. While we trusted her judgment, we were a little skeptical about the whole concept. Make no mistake, we have always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs. We just, quite frankly, didn’t know if we could devote the time necessary to keep our own blog interesting. But Timi assured us that this was not the main point of having a blog. In our case, besides sharing the myWallaby story, it would also help us get to know others in our newfound industry and to enable all to share in the creative process.

It is with this goal that we now embark on our own blog – the myWallaby Bloggy. We hope you will find our posts informative and entertaining, that you will learn more about our product and vision, and that you will help us connect and collaborate with others along our journey.