The Story of the Mirror… The myWallaby Joey Wallet Nears Release Date

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As of this post, the myWallaby Joey Wallet is still on track to be released in April. We finally cleared the last hurdle — the wallet’s mirror. Believe it or not, locating the right mirror for the wallet took over two months. In fact, all the other components that will make up the wallet were finished two months ago! The prototype wallets that we used to approve the final design (and all versions leading up to the final design), used an ordinary glass mirror. We never meant for it to be used in the final product, just for demonstration purposes as we worked out the final details for the wallet. However, in order to make the final product safe for children to use, we needed to identify and purchase a high quality plastic mirror that is much more durable and does not break like real glass does. Easier said than done. We were not happy with several plastic mirrors that were available in Peru as we found that the reflective quality of the plastic mirrors was not to the standard we had in mind for the Joey wallet. After several attempts to locate a suitable plastic mirror in Peru, we gave up and decided to look elsewhere. We finally found what we were looking for in the USA. The plastic mirror is made out of acrylic, a very durable plastic that looks just like a regular mirror. If broken (which is very unlikely given the size and placement of the mirror), an acrylic mirror will not break into sharp pieces like regular glass does. Although it will cost more to buy and ship from the USA to Peru, and then back to the USA in the final product, we think it is worth the extra expense as we want our products to be second to none in quality and in design.

myWallaby Joey Wallet Update

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We were hoping to have officially launched the myWallaby Joey Wallet by now, but we have run into a slight delay with production. As those who own a Doll Carrier can attest, myWallaby pays a lot of attention to the finer details of our products and we make sure things are exactly as we want them before we sign off on releasing the item into production. We would rather get it right the first time than rush to market and produce a less than desirable product.

That being said, we thought we would “whet your appetite” with one of the photos from our recent myWallaby Joey photo shoot in Manhattan. We can’t wait to release the Joey to the public!

Myriam Launches her New Immigration Law Firm – Myriam Sanchez Hildenbrand, LLC

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The Wallaby is very proud of Myriam, one of the two founders of myWallaby Limited. Myriam has been successfully practicing immigration law (her “day” job) for nearly a decade and she just decided to start her own immigration law practice. Myriam Sanchez Hildenbrand, LLC is a full-service immigration law firm in New York City handling green card and visa applications, deportation defense, asylum and citizenship. Check out her newly launched website. I think you will notice a similar theme between both the myWallaby home page and her new website…

Click here to visit her new website:

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myWallaby Photo Shoot at Chelsea Markets in NYC

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We recently completed our second myWallaby photo shoot. Since the weather has been a bit chilly (and snowy) lately, we decided to take the photo shoot indoors for a change. We chose to have the photo shoot at Chelsea Markets, a small mall that focuses on food and cooking and is housed in what used to be an old factory for the National Biscuit Company. In fact, from what I read, the building is even more famous for being the birthplace of the Oreo Cookie. Given this great pedigree, it is not surprising that the building has also become the headquarters in recent years for the Food Network. OK, back to our photo shoot…

The main reason we organized the photo shoot was to capture some high quality commercial type pictures of two of our upcoming new products – the myWallaby Joey and a new version of the Agile Bag, which doesn’t have a doll carrier component). Like our last myWallaby photo shoot in Central Park, we decided to use “real girls” who live in the area and own myWallaby bags. We are lucky to have a large pool of wonderful girls in NYC to help represent our products. In addition, it is a great experience for the girls as well, who get to pretend to be little models for the day and soak up all the attention that a professional photo shoot typically generates. For this photo shoot, we used the services of my friend Ann and her two lovely daughters, Madeline and Kaeli. This was great in that we had envisioned setting up a series of shots of two sisters having fun and enjoying some time shopping together.

The photo shoot went off without a hitch. Both girls were naturals and really enjoyed getting into the spirit of the day. It also helped that they were sisters. There was a natural chemistry between them that we feel is evident in the photos. We can’t wait to post the photos on our website (sorry, no sneak peek yet). But for now, here are three behind-the-scenes photos that I think you will enjoy. Special thank you to the girls, their parents (Ann and Yutong), our photographer Lanz, and my sister, Kristen, who was in town and served as our stylist for the day!

Sneak Peek at the New myWallaby Joey Wallet!

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myWallaby is very excited to share with our fans a sneak peek at our second product, the myWallaby Joey Wallet. The Joey will be available in two colors and is designed to serve as a companion product to the myWallaby Doll Carrier (fits perfectly in the front pocket of the bag). It is made with the same quality craftsmanship as our doll carrier and includes a built-in mirror, zippered change compartment, clear plastic photo sleeve (not shown), bill compartment, magnetic closure, and quality finish. The Joey should retail somewhere between $15 and $20 and should be available for purchase exclusively on sometime in early February 2011. It took us nearly a year to get it just right, so we know the recipient will just love it!

Los Angeles Family Magazine: 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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We just got a copy of the December version of Los Angeles Family Magazine. We were happy to learn that myWallaby made the front page of the magazine’s six page gift guide section. The magazine is available via 3,500 locations in the LA area. Thanks LA Family Magazine – we appreciate the coverage!

Here is a link to a online version of the magazine:

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Kid Style Source Includes myWallaby in its “i need a fun gift” List

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Kid Style Source included myWallaby in its “I need… a fun gift” column.

I’ve seen a lot of style websites in my time, but I really enjoyed browsing around It’s very unique and offers up a lot of forward looking ideas and trends.

Its homepage says it all:

Two sites in one: The savvy retail, sales and marketing executive’s information destination for kids’ industry news, style and business trends, as well as the parent’s fashion guide to shopping for children’s stylish clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and baby gear.

Check out for yourself at:

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Moms & Tots: myWallaby Chosen as “Featured Toy” for its Top Toys for 2010 List

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Thanks Moms & Tots for making myWallaby the “Featured Toy” of your Top Toys for 2010 list! myWallaby was chosen for this honor from a group of 43 other great toys. We really appreciate it!

A little bit about Moms & Tots:

Our objective is to provide readers with important parenting articles, along with fashion and style trends, movie and book reviews, top toy lists and collection of new gadgets and accessories for moms and tots alike.

We study the trends, surf the web, and talk to subject matter experts to keep our readers well-informed. Our editors research endlessly to bring the most relevant, inspiring and accurate stories to our online magazine.

Check out the Top Toys for 2010 list for yourself at

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San Diego Family Magazine Includes myWallaby in its 2010 Holiday Toy Review

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Great news – San Diego Family Magazine informed us that myWallaby was chosen for its 2010 Holiday Toy Review. The Toy review is published both online and through the magazine, which is distributed via 1,700+ locations in Southern California. It is a well known resource for parents and kids in California (and beyond!).  San Diego Family Magazine is one of the few reviews out there that actually includes a kid-tested component, which we feel is crucial in determining the best products for kids.

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Check out the Holiday Toy Review for yourself at

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Beauty News NYC.COM: What Shall I Give My Tween This Year?

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myWallaby was selected by Patricia Wersinger of Beauty News NYC.COM for its 2010 Gift Guide titled: “What Shall I Give My Tween This Year?” The Wallaby is happy to be one of only eleven items chosen by Patricia this year. Thanks Patricia and Beauty News!

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