– Holiday 2010: The Best Gifts for Preschoolers

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We just found out that has included the myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier in its Holiday 2010: The Best Gifts for Preschoolers list. We are very excited about this as we noticed that a lot of our bags have been purchased by grandparents looking for the perfect gift for their granddaughters. Some of my favorite customer interactions have been with grandparents — who are typically happy to find something that will complement their granddaughter’s interest in dolls. For many, it brings back memories of some of their most cherished childhood memories.

Price: $39.99
This doll carrier/play pocketbook is totally ingenious and totally adorable. Your granddaughter can strap in her favorite doll and head off to market.

Check out the review for yourself at

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About Chief Wallabies
Myriam and Eric Hildenbrand are owners and operators of myWallaby Limited, the company which manufactures the myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier. Myriam and Eric live in New York City with their daughter.


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  1. gary says:

    Hi, there – We loved the carrier and were happy to include it in our holiday mix. Best – Gary,

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