American Girl Fan: myWallaby Doll Carrier Review

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We just wanted to share with you one of the nicest and most thorough reviews the Agile Doll Carrier that we have ever received. It was written by Liz, a seventeen year old who operates her own website dedicated to fans of American Girl Dolls ( Liz started her amazing site about three years ago. She has seven American Girl Dolls and has been very successful of combining her love for AG Dolls with her interests in photography and writing. But don’t just take our word about her site, click on the link below to read her review and then spend a little time getting to know the rest of American Girl Fan. We promise that it will be worth it!

Two of our favorite quotes from Liz’s review:

“The creators of MyWallaby sent me their bags to review, and it’s the best doll carrier I have seen! The really cool thing that sets it apart from other doll carriers, is that it’s design can be converted from a purse to a doll carrier!”

“…the suede padded shoulder strap is adjustable to fit over your shoulder or across the shoulder leaving you with free hands! It’s perfect to use for going to American Girl place, on trips, to the mall, the park, anywhere you want to take your doll.”

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San Diego Family Magazine Includes myWallaby in its 2010 Holiday Toy Review

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Great news – San Diego Family Magazine informed us that myWallaby was chosen for its 2010 Holiday Toy Review. The Toy review is published both online and through the magazine, which is distributed via 1,700+ locations in Southern California. It is a well known resource for parents and kids in California (and beyond!).  San Diego Family Magazine is one of the few reviews out there that actually includes a kid-tested component, which we feel is crucial in determining the best products for kids.

Convert this purse to a doll carrier in just a matter of seconds. Once in carrier mode, it can accommodate a variety of dolls and stuffed animals. It is designed to carry a doll facing forward in an expandable pocket that resembles a real Wallaby pouch. Valerie, 8, says, “This is a very fun toy and great for trips out. It also has cool pockets to hold other accessories.”

Check out the Holiday Toy Review for yourself at

Logo and Award Button © – Holiday 2010: The Best Gifts for Preschoolers

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We just found out that has included the myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier in its Holiday 2010: The Best Gifts for Preschoolers list. We are very excited about this as we noticed that a lot of our bags have been purchased by grandparents looking for the perfect gift for their granddaughters. Some of my favorite customer interactions have been with grandparents — who are typically happy to find something that will complement their granddaughter’s interest in dolls. For many, it brings back memories of some of their most cherished childhood memories.

Price: $39.99
This doll carrier/play pocketbook is totally ingenious and totally adorable. Your granddaughter can strap in her favorite doll and head off to market.

Check out the review for yourself at

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Baltimore’s Child Magazine – November 2010 Product Review

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The Wallaby was included in a very nice product review in the November edition of Baltimore’s Child Magazine. The review is also included in the online version of the magazine as well. Baltimore’s Child is distributed to over 50,000 families in Maryland and is a great resource for families.

The carrier accommodates any type of doll or stuffed animal from 12 to 18 inches in size, including American Girl dolls. It is designed so that the doll faces forward, just like a baby wallaby sitting in his or her mama’s pouch. (A wallaby is basically a small kangaroo.) Not being into dolls at the moment, my neighbors’ daughter instead used her new myWallaby Agile Doll Carrier for carrying her sketchbook, crayons, water, and toys. She liked having a bag to pack while her mom packed her purse. There is no right or wrong way to use this adorable carrier—except for maybe swinging it around your head by the straps.

Check out the online version of the product review at

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Trekaroo’s Glowing myWallaby Bag Review

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Things are starting to heat up for myWallaby as we prepare for the 2010 Holiday Season. To kick things off, just posted a very nice review of the myWallaby Bag under the website’s Tips section.

Trekaroo is a great site if you and your family enjoy traveling. The site is dedicated to providing the reader with the inside scoop on traveling with kids. Take it from someone who finds traveling with a two year-old rewarding, but also challenging. Some of the tips on the site are invaluable!

“…as the mother of four, playtime is often interrupted by a need to run an errand or take someone to a practice, game, lesson, etc.  Among the protests by the child in the midst of play there is often begging to “please, please can I take my doll and some things with me in the car?”  Some days it appears as if we are a traveling toy store.  Thankfully, we had the opportunity to review the myWallaby Agile doll carrier which has made me so much more relaxed about letting my kids bring their precious dolls out of the house.  Now, I can say “yes” without worrying that a treasured doll might go missing while we are out on an errand or a trip.  This amazing product combines a place to carry a doll and a place for a few other toys.”

“The model we received is the “Isle of Capri” blue, it is blue with a lime green pocket and tan suede-like straps.   In the words of a 4 year old it is “Totally cool.”  It also comes in “cotton candy” pink.  The carrier is made of a very durable fabric.  The straps are adjustable.  It is safe to pop in the washing machine, on a cold, delicate cycle, and line dried.  It converts from a purse to a doll carrier or vice versa easily.  There is a “pouch” in front, resembling that of a wallaby (think small kangaroo).  The pouch folds down when needed to accommodate the doll’s legs for carrying and tucks back into the purse for storage.  It has a three zipper pocket that you can stuff with other items.  Although designed to fit dolls 12 to 18 inches, we successfully carried a few smaller dolls at once and even some stuffed friends.”

Thanks for the great review Trekaroo!

Check out the review for yourself at

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Parenting Pink Review – “Girls will LOVE myWallaby Doll Carrier Bags!”

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Elizabeth Donovan, of Parenting Pink, wrote a glowing review of the myWallaby Doll Carrier on September 6th. The review shows up under Parenting Pink’s “Pink Product Review Section.” Thanks Elizabeth for the nice comments — we especially agree with your point about the “no-tears” factor.

One thing in this world is almost certain if you have a daughter – at some point during her childhood, she’ll adore dolls, stuffed animals, or Barbie. Another near-certainty? She’ll carry a purse. So why not combine the two and provide your daughter with something she can tote her dolls or stuffed animals around in? MyWallaby is the perfect answer for girls!

Girls will find this bag multifunctional and fun. My 5-year-old daughter fell in love with the cute design (she has the “cotton candy pink” bag, of course) and enjoyed the fact she could tote her favorite bear “Billy” around in it. My three-year-old insisted on stuffing more than one doll into the bag (which worked) and used the pockets to carry their clothing. My 7-year-old (who feels she’s too old for dolls) found that using MyWallaby as a purse made a great fashion statement.

Parents will love the convenience and no-tears policy. As a mom, what I adore most about the MyWallaby bag is the fact that my daughters can keep their beloved dolls and stuffed animals close by and conveniently tote them around whenever we go to the mall or on other family outings. And that lead to the “no-tears” factor – my daughters can easily stash more than one item in MyWallaby and keep their beloved items strapped over their shoulder without losing them (which, as we all know, usually causes tears).

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Lady and the Blog: myWallaby Review

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Lady and the Blog just followed up a story they did back in June with a nice review of the myWallaby Agile Bag. Thanks my Lady!

How sweet! Now your little girl can take her favorite doll with her while on-the-go with the myWallaby® Agile Doll Carrier!

The patent-pending carrier can hold a variety of beloved dolls, including the 18 inch American Girl Doll®, Our Generation Dolls®, and Madame Alexander®. This unique carrier will definitely be your child’s favorite, and makes a special gift for birthdays and holidays! The myWallaby® Agile Doll Carrier is available in two bold colors, Isle of Capri and Cotton Candy.

To check out the review, please click on the following link:

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CelebrityBabyScoop: myWallaby Doll Carrier Review

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Francoise, from Celebrity Baby Scoop, just wrote a nice review about the myWallaby bag. Thanks Francoise! We appreciate your review and the exposure your site brings to our product! This is the second story on myWallaby, so we are even more grateful…

Every little girl wants to carry their baby dolls like mom does. Now she can with MyWallaby Doll Carrier. This pint size baby doll carrier is perfect for every girl’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. Girls will also love the fact that it functions as a hip, stylish messenger bag.

What really sets the myWallaby Doll Carrier apart is that it’s designed to carry a doll facing forward in an expandable pocket that resembles a real Wallaby pouch. Besides this carrying compartment, it also contains three zippered pockets, for storing and protecting your little girl’s favorite accessories. When not in use, the myWallaby doll pocket can be folded up and stored under the bag’s pouch.

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myWallaby Wins Creative Child Magazine’s 2010 KIDS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD

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We just found out that we won Creative Child Magazine’s 2010 Kids Product of the Year Award (Kids Gear & Accessories category). It is a big honor and we are very excited that our bag was selected for the award. The official announcement will be made via Child Magazine’s Holiday Issue, which hits the stands in November.

A little bit about the award selection process from the Creative Child Magazine website –

Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by moms, music educators and early education professionals. Products are not reviewed by any one person. They are reviewed by many people-the very people who purchase them. Each year, a 2-day event is held in Henderson, Nevada where over a hundred guest reviewers are invited to attend our organized review event at our local convention center. All products are divided into categories and displayed at various review stations. Guest reviewers are asked to sit and review each products at one station and then move to another station and so forth and so on. This allows for each product to be given multiple reviews. A review form is provided to each guest to aid them in evaluating each product. The review forms are to include written comments and a score value based on criteria that corresponds to the product’s category. Upon completion of the event all review forms are collected by Creative Child Magazine staff assistants. All scores are tabulated and comments are reviewed.

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Bassgiraffe’s Thoughts on myWallaby

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We wanted to thank Erica from for writing a nice review on her blog. Erica was the lucky winner of our first myWallaby quarterly giveaway. She won it on behalf of her lovely daughter, Lee Lee. Besides writing a review on our bag, she also took these two amazing photos of Lee Lee with her myWallaby Bag (see below). We will also post a picture of Lee Lee on our “my” Wallaby page, so Canada can now join the other countries represented on our website.

If you get a chance, check out It is a great blog and has a great story behind its name too! Thanks Erica and Lee Lee for your kind support of myWallaby.

Check out the review for yourself at

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Here are the wonderful photos of Lee Lee and her new myWallaby bag! Oh Canada…!

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